Philippa Dalton
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About me

I am a native english teacher, with experience of teaching English as a foreign language. I offer one-to-one tuition via skype. I work closely with my students to achieve their own personal goals and gain confidence when using the English language.


I offer a wide range of services including proof-reading documents, test preparation and conversational practise.

Online tailored lessons

I create a working plan with each student with their personal goals and progress checks along the way to ensure every objective is achieved. The plans are shrink -wrapped to fit the needs of individual students. And are a mix of conversational lessons, grammatical learning and written practise. As well as access to a wide variety of resources.

Exam preperation

The preparation for exams is very much as with the tailored lessons , a plan of action is organised with check points to ensure the best results are achieved. This also includes exercises students can do to help them feel more confident in exams.

Conversational practice

Conversational lessons are planned in accordance with the students goals and targets.

Proof reading documents

My proof-reading services include correcting punctuation and grammer mistakes, making the wording more professional and ensuring all documents are flawlessly and profficiently written.


Testimonials form my students.

​I'm Ala, I ​live in a little Polish town. I attend to high school and nowadays I'm preparing to my Cambridge CAE certification exams. Unfortunately, English classes at my school aren't too effective, therefore I decided for a private lessons. However lack of local English tutors or private schools nearby my town made me to look for an online teacher. And actually I've never wished that because this way of learning is best for me due to time saving and elasticity. Philippa helps me especially with grammar exercises or my with my essays and of course in improving my speaking. She's perfect, I love her:)

I enjoyed a lot talking to her. She led the conversation very well, asking questions and showing interest. She listened to you actively so you can see, she takes very seriously what you are saying or trying to explain. Her voice and accent are impressive. Just the act of listening to her was a pleasure.

I've been learning conversional English with Philippa for one year and I must admit that by this year I​ have ​achieve​d​ enormous progress: either in expanding my vocabulary or being more confident and fluent in spoken English.​ Due to regular lessons my accent and correct usage of grammar forms is more natural and intuitive, so now I don't have any problems when from time to time I have to lead the meetings in English at my workplace. ​And Philippa is absolutely a great teacher, very patient, helpful, and with a good sense of humour, so basically my lessons with her aren't boring ever!

Teacher with great personality, always very helpful. After few lessons I stopped be scary of talking in English.

Philippa is sooo nice, patient and kind :) I can recommend lesson with her :) I'm waiting for next lesson.

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